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About Us

Who Is FreeM4MHost?

"FreeM4MHost" is a trade name owned and operated by ET Internet Services, a proprietorship, operating web hosting services under a variety of trade names. Clients of FreeM4MHost are provided service by EscortX.net (for men) or XXXWebHost.com (for women), our trade names catering to escorts.

ET Internet Services has been providing reliable, premium quality web hosting services since 1998.


Who Owns M4MFreeHost?

ET Internet Services, the company behind M4MFreeHost, is wholly owned and is managed by Evan Teed.

Evan Teed worked in retail administration before deciding to leave the corporate world and become an independent business operator. Under the umbrella of ET Internet, Evan Teed operates a variety of business operations in various industries.

Having a pro-environmental focus, all servers in the company operate net-carbon-zero.


Where is FreeM4MHost?

ET Internet Services maintains two addresses. The first is our formal business address, however we also readily accept mail at the second address.

ET Internet Services
358-1027 Davie St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2

  ET Internet Services
832 Riverside Place, #2
Palm Springs, CA 92264



Why FreeM4MHost?

We take pride in understanding and catering to the individual needs of our clients. Escorting is a field we specialize in for our clients benefit.

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