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Add-ons for your free web site

While your web site is free--really free--there are optional extras that we do charge for. These are things that are not necessary to have a fully-featured web site operating, but that often clients desire.

You are under no obligation or should in any way feel pressured to purchase any. Their use is strictly at your discretion.


Search engine optimization and submission

Getting a good position in search engines is of great value and is a major focus by many services offering to get sites well listed.

For $30 we will optimize your site with added coding, and then submit it to major search engines such as Google.

We recommend optimizing no more than annually, and believe more frequent is a waste of money.

Optimize Payment



For two weeks after we first present you with your new web site you have unlimited requests for alterations to get the site exactly the way you want.

After that if you want us to update your site for you there will be a nominal fee:
 • $2 for each picture alteration.
 • $5 for each text alteration.

Of course you may choose to do the updates yourself or have someone else do them for you and then you need pay us no fee. Experience is that clients generally spend between $15 and $80 per year for updates, with an average of around $35. Just email us with any updates desired whenever you choose.

Extra Pages

Your free site comes with 5 pages. Want more pages? You can have them added for $20 per page.

Extra Pages Payment


Template Removal

Want to ensure we never use the same template for another client? We'll pull your template from our library for $100.

Of course we cannot guarantee it hasn't been used already--ask us if you want to know.

Template Removal Payment


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